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Pole barns can also be used as a home office, and to complete mechanical and craft projects. For those who do not have wood barns, pole barns can serve as a location to house farm animals and their feed. Stalls can be built indoors for horses and pigs, and kennels can be put in to house hunting dogs and other household pets. Pole barns can also function as indoor horse riding arenas, pet grooming areas, and areas to store and repair lawn equipment.


Most pole barns exteriors are made from galvanized metals that are weather-resistant. Electricity is common in most pole barns, if using water and heat. Pole barns do not come with electrical components. An electrician should install any electrical components. Most pole barns have a concrete foundation, and most features a side entry door as well as a large sliding door in the front for farm equipment and large vehicles.

Pole Barn by Hardcore Concrete Construction
Pole Barns by Hardcore Concrete Construction

Pole barns are a great way to add space to a living area without the costly addition of a garage or home extension. Pole barns can be used for a variety of purposes, and can provide adequate and safe storage for large home items, animals and farm equipment. Made from wood or steel frames, pole barns often consist of galvanized roofs and siding, making them resilient to outside elements.

Choosing a pole barn is a long-term investment that will pay for itself over and over again. Pole barns preserve expensive and bulky items by keeping them out of the weather elements and protecting them from vandalism and theft. Pole barns can be custom-built to match the design of a home to improve value and appearance. Some people utilize pole barns as a way to conceal bulky farm or garden equipment, recreational vehicles, off-road vehicles, and cars. They can also be used as a commercial building and office. Pole barns can be locked up to prevent unwanted visitors, and are highly resistant to fire.

Hardcore Concrete Construction delivers a building that is cost efficient with decreased operating and maintenance costs throughout building use. By installing efficient lighting, effective insulation via walls and windows, and insulated floor materials, Hardcore Concrete Construction provides an affordable building solution with low operational maintenance costs.

Each of our buildings is custom designed to fit your needs. Superior quality isn't our only goal…bringing you sound construction is just as important to us. We take the time to choose the best materials and contractors for the job.

All material is ordered and manufactured to the exact sizes of the building blueprints and plans, allowing for very little excess waste.


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