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A storm room is a wise investment. They are relatively inexpensive, a small price to pay for the safety and well-being of your family and most precious and important belongings. And depending on where you live, you may even be eligible for tax credits and/or insurance discounts!

Some specifications that should be common to all storm rooms are as follows:
1. The room must not have any windows
2. The room should not be constructed in a flood zone or storm surge zone
3. All surfaces of the room should be able to withstand winds of up to 250 mph and windborne projectiles
4. The room's door should open inward to assure easy opening after the storm in the case that fallen debris blocks door face
5. The room should be anchored securely to a concrete foundation to resist overturning or uplifting.

Storm Shelter by Hardcore Concrete Construction
Safe Room and Storm Shelters by Hardcore Concrete Construction

Traditional Storm Cellars
Storm cellars are often built below ground, either in the basement of a house or right next to it. The walls are traditionally made out of concrete, reinforced with steel rebar. There is a horizontal door that opens onto a stairway, which leads down into the cellar. There is an air vent and usually a window as well. Strong winds can blow down houses, but cannot blow over an underground shelter. The walls are thick enough to withstand the pressure changes caused by a tornado, and the air vent helps to equalize the pressure.

Safe Rooms

Aboveground storm shelters are often called safe rooms. Rather than using an underground cavern out of range of the wind, these storm shelters rely on the strength of their materials. They are built out of steel, reinforced concrete or some combination of materials. The entire structure is bolted on to a solid concrete slab. In addition, they often have secured, steel doors.

Other Uses of Safe Rooms

Although safe rooms are a bit more vulnerable than storm shelters, they do have some advantages. As the room is inside of the house, it is easier to get to. The safe room can be equipped with running water and electricity, which will keep working unless the storm actually destroys the house or knocks down power lines. Safe rooms also help people feel safer from crime and other dangers: a family could survive in a safe room, not only from a storm but also from criminals if the house were invaded

Hardcore Concrete Construction
safe rooms and storm shelters are built for safety, comfort, and long life expectancy. Our Shelters will provide a space where you and your family can survive a tornado, hurricane, or other disaster. Our goal is to provide you with the best protection possible at the fairest price. Aren't they worth it?


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